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    Online Resource
    Online Resource
    Oxford : Oxford University Press
    ISBN: 9780191842467
    Language: English
    Pages: 1 Online-Ressource
    Edition: First edition
    Series Statement: Oxford handbooks online
    Series Statement: Political science
    Parallel Title: Erscheint auch als The Oxford handbook of Nigerian politics
    DDC: 966.9
    Keywords: Politik ; Geschichte ; Politisches System ; Politische Institution ; Zivilgesellschaft ; Wirtschaftsentwicklung ; Innere Sicherheit ; Politischer Konflikt ; Innenpolitik ; Außenpolitik ; Handbuch ; Nigeria ; Nigeria ; Nigeria ; History ; Nigeria ; Politics and government ; Nigeria History ; Nigeria Politics and government ; Nigeria
    Abstract: The Oxford Handbook of Nigerian Politics offers a comprehensive analysis of Nigeria's very rich history and ever changing politics to its readers. It provides a deep understanding of Nigeria's socio-political evolution and experience by covering broad range of political issues and historical eras. The volume encompasses 44 chapters organized thematically into essays covering history, political institutions, civil society, economic and social policy, identity and insecurity, and Nigeria in a globalized world. By identifying many of the classic debates in Nigerian politics, the chapters serve as an authoritative introduction to Africa's most populous country. The chapters are interdisciplinary, introducing readers to classic debates and key research on Nigeria, as well as new methodologies, new data, and a compelling corpus of research questions for the next generation of researchers and readers interested in Africa.
    Note: Includes bibliographical references and index , From borno to sokoto : meaning and muslim identities in northern nigeria , State formation in precolonial nigeria , Precolonial christianity and missionary legacies , The atlantic slave trade and its lasting impact , Colonial rule , The anti-colonial struggle in nigeria , Women's protests in the struggle for independence , The nigerian novel and the anti-colonial imagination , Ecologies of rule : politics, political economy and governing the environment in Nigeria , The long shadow of nigeria's military epochs, 1966-1979 and 1983-1999 , Fiscal federalism, subnational politics, and state creation in contemporary Nigeria , The legislatures in the first and second republics , Legislative development and decadence in the fourth republic national assembly , Sharia politics, the 1999 constitution, and the rise of the fourth republic , Executive dominance and hyper presidentialism in Nigeria , Civil military affairs and military culture in post-transition Nigeria , Progress and setbacks in Nigeria's anti-corruption efforts , The judiciary in Nigeria since 1999 , Elections and electoral performance , Drivers and dynamics of electoral reform, 1999-2015 , The people's democratic party : from the 1999 transition to the 2015 turnover , Civil society in Nigeria , The political struggles of Nigerian labor , In the trenches with fela : reassessing protest political music culture before the fourth republic , Nigeria's non-western democracy : a postcolonial aspiration and struggle with opportunity, conflict, and transformation , Women's contemporary struggles for rights and representation , Human rights status in Nigeria since Obasanjo' second coming , Revenue and representation : the political economy of public participation , Fiscal policy during boom and bust , Nigeria's petroleum booms : a changing political economy , The 'resource curse' and the constraints on reforming Nigeria's oil sector , Nigeria's response to the HIV epidemic , Islamic social movements and political unrest in Nigerian History , The origins of Boko Haram , Boko Haram : indigeneity, internationalism, and insurgency , The Nigerian civil war and the biafran secessionist revival , The rise and decline (and rise) of the Niger Delta rebellion , Crime, cults, and informal security , Land, citizenship, and the laws of disenfranchisement , Pastoralism, ethnicity, and subnational conflict resolution in the middle belt , Nigeria and the world : war, nationalism, and politics, 1914-1960 , Nigeria and the commonwealth : influence by accident or design , Faith, fame, and fortune : varieties of nigerian worship in global christianity , The pathology of dependency : Sino-Nigerian Relatins as a Case Study , State Formation in Precolonial Nigeria , The Long Shadow of Nigeria's Military Epochs, 1966-1979 and 1983-1999 , The Legislatures in the First and Second Republics , Legislative Development and Decadence in the Fourth Republic National Assembly , Civil Military Affairs and Military Culture in Post-Transition Nigeria , Executive Dominance and Hyper Presidentialism in Nigeria , Elections and Electoral Performance , Drivers and Dynamics of Electoral Reform, 1999-2015 , Progress and Setbacks in Nigeria's Anti-Corruption Efforts , The People's Democratic Party: From the 1999 Transition to the 2015 Turnover , Fiscal Federalism, Subnational Politics, and State Creation in Contemporary Nigeria , From Borno to Sokoto: Meaning and Muslim Identities in Northern Nigeria , Sharia Politics, the 1999 Constitution, and the Rise of the Fourth Republic , The Judiciary in Nigeria Since 1999 , Nigeria's Non-Western Democracy: A Postcolonial Aspiration and Struggle with Opportunity, Conflict, and Transformation , Civil Society in Nigeria , In the trenches with Fela: Reassessing Political Music Culture before the Fourth Republic , The Political Struggles of Nigerian Labor , Women's Contemporary Struggles for Rights and Representation , Revenue and Representation: The Political Economy of Public Participation , Human Rights Status in Nigeria Since Obasanjo' Second Coming , Precolonial Christianity and Missionary Legacies , Fiscal Policy during Boom and Bust , The 'Resource Curse' and the Constraints on Reforming Nigeria's Oil Sector , Nigeria's Petroleum Booms: A Changing Political Economy , Nigeria's Response to the HIV epidemic , Islamic Social Movements and Political Unrest in Nigerian History , The Nigerian Civil War and the Biafran Secessionist Revival , Colonial Rule , Crime, Cults and Informal Security , The Rise and Decline (and Rise) of the Niger Delta Rebellions , The Origins of Boko Haram , Boko Haram: Indigeneity, Internationalism, and Insurgency , Pastoralism, Ethnicity, and Subnational Conflict Resolution in the Middle Belt , Land, Citizenship and the Laws of Disenfranchisement , Faith, Fame, and Fortune: Varieties of Nigerian Worship in Global Christianity , The Pathology of Dependency: Sino-Nigerian Relatins as a Case Study , Women's Protests in the Struggle for Independence , Nigeria and the Commonwealth: Influence by accident or design , Introduction , Nigeria and the World: War, Nationalism, and Politics, 1914-1960 , The Nigerian Novel in the Anti-Colonial Imagination , The Anti-Colonial Struggle in Nigeria , The Atlantic Slave Trade and its Lasting Impact , Ecologies of Rule: Politics, Political Economy and Governing the Environment in Nigeria
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